Klarna Terms and Conditions

What is Klarna and ‘Pay in 3 instalments’ and how does it work when making your purchase from bylauramayers.

‘Pay in 3 instalments’ is an alternative to traditional credit but without any interest, which allows you to split purchases into 3 payments.

These payments will be automatically withdrawn from the debit/credit card you have on file with Klarna, every 30 days until the full order amount has been paid.

In the Klarna app, you’ll also have the option to pay off a single instalment or even the entire balance earlier if preferred. However, at this time it’s not possible to change the scheduled payment date to a later date.

If your order is eligible for ‘Pay in 3 instalments’, you can select the Klarna option in the checkout and enter your debit or credit card information. When you attempt to place an order from bylauramayers using the Klarna Pay in 3 payment method, an authorisation hold is placed on the card you have connected in the Klarna App, to reserve the funds for the first instalment.

As soon as the bylauramayers ships your order, you will receive an email from Klarna outlining your payment schedule and the first payment will be taken from the reserved amount on your credit/debit card.

Your purchase and payments will then be visible and manageable in your Klarna App. So make sure to download the Klarna App to stay in full control and never miss a payment!

Good to know: There is no fee to use ‘Pay in 3 instalments’! It’s a safe, trusted and easy way to purchase bylauramayers products and spread the cost a little – with no hidden interest or catch!

Find more information about your payment options with Klarna here.

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